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House Flipping 


Are You Ready for an Adventure?

With our House Flipping Consultation service, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your prospective property. Our expertise extends to providing renovation recommendations that optimize your return on investment. Moreover, we offer valuable tips and strategies to save costs while steering clear of expensive errors. By identifying potential pitfalls and devising a tailored plan, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest possible profits from your house flipping ventures.

Over the course of several decades, television has glorified the Fix and Flip process, showcasing its undeniable excitement. However, it often fails to portray the numerous challenges that arise. At Renovation Advisement, we place great value in sharing our extensive experience gained from flipping numerous residential and commercial properties across multiple states. Our aim is to guide and support you, enabling you to benefit from the lessons we've learned, and avoid making the same mistakes we encountered on our journey. Learning from our expertise will undoubtedly prove valuable as you embark on your own Fix and Flip endeavors.

















Flipping is a science, and we want you to develop the best formula possible.

This can be accomplished before or after you purchase the property.  


We charge a Flat $200 Fee for the first property we evaluate for you and $100 for every additional property.  This includes an onsite visit, any necessary research, and extensive recommendations. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

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