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Bid/Estimate Review

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

1.  Am I getting ripped off?

2.  How can I save money?

Both are very valid questions after receiving an estimate from a contractor. The beauty about Renovation Advisement is we are just going to charge you a Flat Fee of $150 to look at your project and review your bid.  WE DO NOT WANT YOUR WORK.  This frees us up to give you a completely unbiased 2nd opinion of your project.


Have you ever had a second contractor start bashing what another contractor has suggested either in process or price?  This occurs for one of two reasons.  Either the second contractor is being 100% truthful OR he is trying to steal the work by putting unjustified doubt in your head about the first contractor.  That leaves you with even more confusion and questions.


The great thing about using our services is we will shoot you straight without a hidden agenda.  We are not trying to land the job or get a kickback by referring you to someone else.  The only thing we are interested in is helping you to the best of our abilities.  Our only compensation comes from our flat fee.



Expertise and Creativity Saves Money

We will tell you if we believe your estimate is fair or not and why, but where we really have fun is finding ways to save you money.  This gets our creative juices flowing and harnesses our decades of construction experience.  We love solving problems and looking at projects from different perspectives.


Something Doesn't Sound Right

Have you ever felt like a contractor has been rather pushy steering you in a particular direction?

We will tell you if his claims and suggestions are valid.  Sometimes, they are, and sometimes they are trying to make more money or just being contrary.  Here are a few reasons why he could be erroneously guiding you another way.  He might:

1. make better margins using a different material.

2. not like working with your material.

3. not have a sub contractor to complete the work.

4. be receiving a large discount using a different material.

5. be able to make your project more extensive and charge you more. 

6. care about his vision more than yours.

None of these are your concern.  You should be able to get exactly what you want unless there is a valid reason otherwise.  We will help answer those questions for you.  

Unbiased Recommendations 

We once saved a homeowner over $16,000 by suggesting that he moved his bathroom expansion 3 feet to the north instead of 3 feet to the south.  By losing a tiny portion of a ginormous, guest closet instead of going into the family room, it allowed him to avoid astronomical expenses associated with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, and painting. Maybe the contractor hadn't even considered that option, and maybe the contractor wanted $16,000 more worth of work.  Who knows, but at the end of the day all that mattered was the homeowner was able to pocket an extra 16K.  

Material Suggestions

We will tell you the pros and cons of any material you would like.  We believe an educated homeowner will be a happy homeowner.  This will allow you to choose what is of greater importance to you regarding each element such as durability, value, features, quality, functionality, and much more. 

Can't Be Done

Those are our favorite words. Let us show you a way!


We charge a Flat Fee of $150 to look at your project and review your bids.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

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