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Insurance Claim

Types of Claims

We specialize in HAIL, WIND, & WATER DAMAGE.

Why should I contact Renovation Advisement?

The answer is very simple...MONEY.  Do you believe all insurance companies and all contractors 100% have your best interest in mind?  Even if they did, there is still a chance for human error.  Whether it is by design or by accident, a mistake in a large venture like this can be very costly to YOU.  

Odds are insurance claims, construction, or even various elements of construction may not be your area of expertise.   That's why we want to educate you as much as possible before you enter into the process. You wouldn't enter a gun fight without bullets so why would you enter a large venture without as much knowledge as possible.   That knowledge will equate to far less confusion, stress, and hopefully more financially sound choices.  

Fixing the Roof

When should I contact Renovation Advisement?

The sooner the better.  The absolute best time is before your insurance adjuster looks at your property.  However, we can certainly be beneficial anytime during the claim process.  It is just far better and easier to be proactive than reactive.  

Do I need to file a claim?

Let us come take a look.  We will offer our opinion on whether or not your particular situation warrants filing an insurance claim. We will also provide a thorough explanation of what will be entailed if you file a claim and the best way to navigate through the claim process.

What if I have already filed a claim? 

That's great.  We will still come take a look at your property to discuss your situation, evaluate the damage, answer any questions you may have, and coach you on the strongest way to proceed.

Want a Preview and a Roadmap?

Just like a car wreck, damage to your home can occur in the blink of an eye.  A simple little washing machine water line leak for a few minutes wreaked havoc on this home.  It caused extensive damage to 3 stories of this home.  


If you have never dealt with a claim, be prepared to buckle your seatbelt.  We have heard this phrase countless times over the years, "I had NO idea all of this had to be removed to repair a simple little leak."  The same goes for wind and hail damage.  Very few homeowners have a clue how extensive and how expensive the repair process is.  Wouldn't it be nice if Renovation Advisement provided you an extensive overview of what is to come and the best way for you to navigate the process?


We charge a Flat Fee of $150 to come take a look at your property and offer our strategic advice no matter your stage in the claim process. Whether you are considering filing a claim or have already done so, we will visit with you, evaluate the damage, and offer our best suggestions (based off of decades of experience) to ensure your highest level of success.  SUCCESS = MONEY

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Give us a call if you would like a more detailed overview of what we will explain during our consultation.  

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