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Scope Sheet

What is a scope sheet?

An insurance claim scope sheet, also known as an insurance claim estimate or scope of work, is a document that outlines the details and extent of repairs or replacements needed to restore a property or asset covered by an insurance policy. It serves as a comprehensive assessment and description of the damages or losses incurred, along with the estimated costs and resources required to complete the restoration process.

The purpose of an insurance claim scope sheet is to establish a clear understanding between the policyholder and the insurance company regarding the scope of work to be performed and the associated expenses. It typically includes sections such as a Loss Description, Repair or Replacement Parts, Quantity and Measurements, Repair Methods and Materials, Cost Estimation, and Additional Notes and Instructions.​

There are 2 main issues homeowners face when reading their own scope sheets.  

Issue 1: The homeowner may not have any experience in reading a document of this fashion.  For many homeowners, it can be very confusing.  This frustration often leads to just taking it for face value instead of thoroughly analyzing each element. 

Issue 2:  The homeowner may not be familiar enough with the various construction trades or projects to be able to identify if elements are incorrect or even missing.  The phrase we hear the most from homeowners when we dissect scope sheets is, "Oh...I didn't think about that."  Why would you?  This most likely isn't your wheelhouse.  Luckily, it is Renovation Adivement's area of expertise.    



We charge a Flat Fee of $250 for our Scope Sheet Analysis if this is the first time we have seen the damage to your property.  We charge a Flat Fee of $100 if we have previously viewed the damage to your property and are reviewing the documents at a later date.  


We will analyze your scope sheet to help insure it is as accurate as possible and make sure your insurance company and/or contractor has not omitted any essential elements required to restore your house to pre loss condition.  Our record to date that an insurance company has agreed to increase what they originally were going to pay for damages on a single claim is just over $27,000.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

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